Internet Explorer Tips

Microsoft Internet Explorer continues to improve with each version, but sometimes it just needs a little help to make it do what you want.
Making the Internet Explorer Window fill the Screen
I have this little netbook, it is small and very funny.  But it's screen is small vertically, so often to see a bit more it helps to remove the toolbars at the top.
You can do this easily by pressing "F11".  The same F11 key restores them again, so it's not too difficult to do it just for a page or two and then revert back to the usual view.
Maximising Internet Explorer
I find Internet Explorer often will not behave in the way you expect when opening the program.
My preferred view when opening Internet Explorer is for the program to be maximised to fill the entire screen, but often Windows (Windows 7, of course) opens IE in its "restored down" state. 
I've tried various tips, but they haven't helped, so I now use a simple AutoIt macro to watch for an instance of Internet Explorer and when it finds that it has focus (i.e. it is the active window) then the macro simply maximises it.  It then waits until IE again becomes the active window and maximises it again.
This simple fix ensures that every instance of Internet Explorer is maximised at all times.  Simple, huh?!?
Here's the code:
#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Script Function: Maximise Internet Explorer
 Author:   Alan Rolfe
 AutoIt Version:
 Notes:    Constantly sees if IE is open and maximises it
     if found.
#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
; Keep script running continuously
 ; Wait for Internet Explorer window to become active
 ; Now that the DMS window is active, maximise it
 WinSetState("[CLASS:IEFrame]", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)
 ; Have a little Break
 Sleep(500) ; Half a second
 ; Wait until IE not active, so that it doesn't keep maximising it constantly
 WinWaitNotActive ("[CLASS:IEFrame]")
; Repeat again to look for more IE windows to maximise
Until False
; Change to "Until True" if you do not want it to keep repeating
The great thing with AutoIt is that you can make it into an application very easily and then put a link to the compiled .EXE file in your startup folder, so that it runs every time Windows runs.
The compiled program can be found on the Downloads page.